Special Note: This is a Christan School that I attend and I am also a Christan
Course Description
This course identifies ethical issues for health care administrators. It is designed to encourage the student to clarify their personal ethics in regard to administration issues. The various responsibilities involving the managing of populations whose ethics may be divergent are identified. A study of the Christian worldview as it applies to leadership situations, drawing contrasts between biblically-based principles and competing worldviews through the use of case scenarios. The course examines the ethical issues found in the healthcare system with the focus on the healthcare administrator as the decision-maker, leader, and moral agent. The student will be introduced to the ethical responsibilities related to various health care situations seen from a biblical worldview. Actual cases to illustrate everyday ethical dilemmas that are faced will be
To Do:
Prompt: Using the following biblical passages, write a paper on how this particular course should be understood differently at Belhaven than at a secular institution. The passages to be considered:
Matthew 11:28-30
Matthew 12:9–14
Matthew 25:37-40
Philippians 4:6-7
James 5:13-15
Requirements: Minimum of 500 words; APA format.
The paper must include a title page, and reference page this is mandatory.
Remember to use your own words and minimum sources. Note you can use a source just summarize the essay in your own words.

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