You must examine the writing of Henry David Thoreau. You should thoroughly read Walden in preparation for this writing assignment. After you have read this account, you must choose one idea presented in Thoreau’s most famous writing. (How does this idea fit with the overall philosophy of Transcendentalism? Is the idea relevant today? Does the idea have practical value today? How is this idea different from the ideas of writers from earlier literary periods? Does this idea fit with any other theological or philosophical idea? What do other writers and thinkers of other periods believe about this particular idea? Is it expressed in other works—movies/films, songs, novels, poems, essays etc.?) Be specific and thoughtful in your writing. Use specific examples. You must completely examine the idea presented to Thoreau’s world of readers. You must then connect the idea to your own world and modern philosophy.
While this paper should be a philosophical examination of a piece of literature, I am still concerned about your ability to write. Make sure that you organize the material logically. Make sure that you pay careful attention to the mechanics of writing as well. This is a formal essay.l
The essay must be a minimum of 1,000 words.
The paper must be typed using MLA guidelines. Your Work Cited page will cite your anthology. Use proper headings and spacing. Follow the provided example.
You must use any two outside sources other than your anthology. Please use .org or .edu sources primarily. You may not use wiki sources.

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