This case analysis is to be written from a supply chain management perspective. For a little more context, the class is Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector. This is a case study based on implementing new procurement policies in the public sector. I am located in Canada, so some of the information and context is based on the Canadian business environment.
You will find four documents attached:
Case Study Requirements & Instructions
This document breaks down the perspective from which the case should be written, along with key questions that need to be answered throughout the case analysis.
Please note the 6 questions and ensure that they are answered methodically. They do not need to be addressed explicitly in the case but have to be addressed in some way.
Please ignore Question 4 when writing; that is a question that I can answer once the report is completed.
Case Study Format and Grading
This document breaks down the way in which the report will be graded along with the required sections/headings in the paper:
Executive Summary
Issue Identification
Environmental and Root Cause Analysis
Alternatives and/or Options
Reccomendations and Implementation.
Monitoring and Control
Please refer to this document in depth when writing the report, as it will be the basis for how the report is graded.
The report will need to be 10 pages in length. There is no title page or table of contents required for this report. The 10 pages must cover all the sections listed above and answer the 6 questions mentioned in the Case Study Requirements & Instructions Document.
Case Study
This document is for the case in which the report will be written. You will be directly responding to this case in the format mentioned.
Read and make sure you have a very clear understanding.
A Sample Case Analysis
This document is a sample case analysis I have done previously and can serve as a reference point as to how you should write this case analysis.

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