There are 1 review(Multifactorial Determinants of the Neurocognitive Effects of Electroconvulsive Therapy) and 2 empirical articles. ( Electroconvulsive therapy: A review of knowledge, experience, and attitudes of patients concerning the treatment) and ( Is Electroconvulsive Therapy for Depression More Effective ThanPlacebo? A Systematic Review of Studies Since 2009)
You must use the example template to write nothing else.
This is the updated template example. When you download it, you will see comment bubbles on the side detailing the elements of the paper. Please read them and remove them after you have completed your paper.
This paper was created to demonstrate a compelling research topic that summarizes and critiques peer-reviewed research including the minimum of 1 review article and 2 empirical articles required by your paper. Although a bit confusing to some students, the empirical articles selected are “empirical reviews”. They have a methods section but systematically “review” each study they select and present the results of those studies using statistical analysis, thus experimental /empirical. The review article does not have a method or results. Instead, it reviews literature from many areas on a particular topic.
The paper also demonstrates writing organization, APA formatting, in-text citations, and references.
While I do expect that you all write a paper that meets the minimum requirements in the syllabus, I DO NOT expect you to write like me! I hope that you will not feel intimidated by this example, but rather look at it as a helpful tool for formatting and organizing your paper.
I hope you find this template example helpful and informative!

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