“The Yellow Wallpaper” Film Assignment
Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story “The Yellow
Wallpaper” is a harrowing study of a woman’s descent into madness. The author
leaves no doubt as to the cause of the protagonist’s mental disintegration. She
places the blame solely on the suffocating role a patriarchal society imposes
on women. These patriarchal values are so deeply engrained in the narrator’s
psyche that she doesn’t even recognize what is happening to her. Unable to
mount a strong protest to her treatment, she blames herself for her condition
and worries about upsetting her husband.
Many readers are sympathetic to John and to the effort
he has made to care for his ailing wife. Don’t forget mental illness was not
very well understood at the time and psychiatry was a very new science. Then
there are others, myself among them, who question his motives. The author
provides evidence in the text to support either position. The film maker does
as well.
Choose a position on John, the narrator’s
husband/doctor. Respond to the above statement after rereading the story and
viewing the film. Compare and contrast the two and support your choice with
evidence from the text and the film
the film can be found on youtube :
The Yellow Wallpaper lawrence wheeler

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