The Roaring 20s and the Great Depression were transformational times in the United States, but there were also full of contradictions. There was optimism, prosperity, and the spread of consumerism. But there was also a growing trend of isolation and intolerance which rejected the previous efforts of progressivism. For your second Critical Thinking Essay, you are to focus on the contradiction that you believed impacted society the most.
For your Critical Thinking Essay #2, use the following format:
Paragraph 1: Introduction (with clear thesis statement embedded into the end of the introduction)
Paragraph 2: In your opinion, what was the greatest contradiction? Why?
Paragraph 3: What caused this contradiction to occur?
Paragraph 4: Thinking about society today, does this contradiction continue? Why/why not?
Paragraph 5: Conclusion (highlight and reinforce main ideas discussed)
Essay Requirements:
Paper length: 500 words (minimum); 5 paragraphs.
Each paragraph should be between 5 and 8 sentences in length.
Required resources: One resource from the PSC Database Collection
No general encyclopedias (Britannica, Wikipedia, World Book, etc. permitted.)
Required format: APA, MLA, or Turabian/Chicago Style (Your choice…whatever you are most comfortable with)
Body/Content, Intext citations, Bibliography/Reference Page required; Title Page is not required
First person verbiage is permitted for this essay. Remember, when offering your opinion in an academic writing, make sure that you absolutely back it up with facts and evidence from experts…not just more opinion.

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