The purpose of this assignment is to identify proposed activities and
techniques that can be used with your mentee and to confirm you have
established a realistic timeline with your mentee. Review your vision
statement and short-term and long-term goals as you continue to develop
the “Individual Development Plan” your mentee. Your responses should
provide a clear vision for working with the mentee and meeting the
preliminary short-term and long-term goals already established. For this
assignment, review the “IDP – Proposed Activities and Techniques”
template, complete it, and submit it as directed. This template covers
the following sections:
Activities to Support Goals
the template, detail the proposed activities to meet the mentee’s
short-term and long-term goals and that you have two for each type of
goal. Make sure they are realistic activities that you can and will
implement with your mentee.
Technique Research
addition, research a minimum of three articles that support coaching
and/or mentoring techniques. Your research should produce information
regarding two coaching and two mentoring techniques that would assist in
meeting the desired outcome for the plan. The textbook can be one of
your sources.
Timeline Confirmation
to submitting this templated assignment, be sure to agree on a timeline
with your mentee in order to implement a minimum of two activities with
them. The timeline is not required to include in your submission, but it
should provide a clear frame of reference for you and your mentee to
achieve success. Implementing the activities with your mentee will not
necessarily require an extensive time commitment, but it the time spent
should provide the opportunity to use mentoring or coaching techniques
to support the mentee.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning
the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful

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