Research Project: Final Paper Assignment Instructions
Incorporating the feedback you received on your Research Project: Draft Assignment, you will make the appropriate edits and turn in your final paper for grading.
You will write a 20-page research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on an applied topic of your choosing related to healthcare economics and decision-making in the healthcare industry or a healthcare facility.
The paper must include at least 15 references in addition to the course textbook and the Bible. All sources must be less than 10 years old.
Required Format
This 20-page research-based paper needs to be written with these main sections:
Cover page
Other Requirements
Materials submitted to fulfill requirements in one course may not be submitted in another course. Concerns about the propriety of obtaining outside assistance and acknowledging sources should be addressed to the instructor of the course before the work commences and as necessary as the work proceeds.
· In addition to the course textbook(s) and the Bible, this paper must include at least 15 references from scholarly articles that have publication dates no older than 10 years. Do not use any books other than the Bible and the textbook. Do not conduct interviews.
· There should be at least one instance of biblical integration (at least one scripture reference).
In-text citations are required to support your statements, points, assertions, issues, arguments, concerns, paragraph topic sentences, and statements of fact and opinion.
The required cover page and the reference pages are not included in the required assignment word count but are required as part of your paper.
The APA required abstract and conclusion section headings and subject headings (see above) are expected. For papers this length, there should be at least two (2) ‘levels of headings’.
The introduction and conclusion sections should not be longer than ½ page each since the assignment is short in word count.
The required abstract should be written as a stand-alone document and not written as an introduction since an introduction section is required. Therefore, refrain from using phrases such as, “in this paper,” and do not use citations. See example in APA manual.
Sources of information from Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedia will not be accepted.
Paragraph lengths: Each paragraph should have a topic sentence unless it continues from or provides support to the prior paragraph. A paragraph is defined in this course as being at least 4 sentences in length.
All parts of the assignment must be based on scholarly and biblical literature.
Avoid clichés, slang, jargon, exaggerations, abbreviations, figurative language, and language that is too informal and too subjective.
Submit your final document for grading with file name syntax: LastNameFirstInitialFINAL. For example: PhilebaumJ Final.doc (no .pdfs)

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