In this practice activity, you will search federal, state, and local websites for data (typically in the form of statistics) that relate to the research question you identified. You will then explain the relevance of the data sets you discovered and how the data will assist you with your review of the literature (ROL).
The research question is “What is the connection between family status and law violation?”
In this module, you have learned about the importance of finding data that reveal significant information about criminal justice problems. These data can be used to better understand a topic and reveal information about that topic that might require further research. Using the Module One Practice Activity Template Word Document, complete the following:
Identify federal, state, and/or local websites that contain data related to your chosen research topic.
Identify a minimum of two websites. These must be websites of an official government entity. (If you are unsure if the website is of an official government entity, reach out to your instructor.)
Next, analyze the relevance of the data set in relation to your chosen research topic in 50 to 100 words for each website.
Then, in 50 to 100 words for each website, describe how the data from that website will assist you with your ROL.
Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:
Identify at least two federal, state, and/or local websites for data related to a criminal justice research topic.
Analyze the relevance of data sets for each website in relation to a specific criminal justice problem.
Describe how specific data will assist in an ROL.
Guidelines for Submission
This assignment must be completed in written format using the provided template. Any references should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations

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