Marketing Plan Proposal: Environmental Analysis – Paper
Marketing Plan Proposal: Environmental Analysis
Write a 5–7-page paper. In this paper you will propose a product or service for the week 4 marketing plan
For this assignment, you will complete an environmental scan for your proposed product or service for the week 4 marketing plan. You will describe and explain the relevance of environmental scanning and how each of the
demographic, economic, technological, regulatory, and competitive forces shape a marketer’s application
of the 4Ps of marketing.
Directly apply this with an environmental analysis of your proposed new product or service.
Based upon your analysis of the environment and application of the 4Ps; identify and propose your marketing plan opportunity.
Specifically, research and support your proposed target demographic, the economic environment’s impact on the
success of your proposed product, how technology trends may create opportunities or challenges for your new
product, how regulations related to your product may provide opportunities or how challenges may be overcome,
and directly research and identify competition for your new product.
Provide recommendations on how the 4P’s are impacted by these environmental forces. Use at least four sources in addition to the text (not Wikipedia). Properly cite sources used in the paper; note the text should be cited to
support application of the concepts of environmental scanning and the 4Ps.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
• title page
• introduction – thesis statement (introducing the analysis, the value, and what will be covered) • demographic for region chosen to launch the new product/service
• economic climate for the region and time period of launch
• technological environment: how the current technological environment provides benefits or challenges for the new product
• regulatory environment – what constraints or benefits regulations in the market provide
• competitive landscape – who are your competitors now and who may they be in the future; what are they doing right, what are they missing?
• how do these factors influence the product, price, place, and promotion of the proposed product/service?
• conclusion/recommendations
• reference page

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