In this discussion, you will talk with your fellow students about the entity that you selected and how you are planning to research it. Comment on each other’s posts with tips and tricks for performing better research.
E.g. student A has selected a US fertilizer manufacturing plant, student B suggests that student A augment his/her research with Google searches for “business contracts awarded.” Student B provides an example where a US based fertilizer plant awarded a contract to a German construction firm:
“United States: Midwest Fertilizer Company LLC, a Kansas based nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer has awarded an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contract for building a world-scale nitrogen fertilizer complex to ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (USA), Inc. The later company has been engaged in large-scale plant construction and mechanical engineering.”
And student C knows that SCADA software (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a primary means to hack into networked industrial sites (e.g. Stuxnet). Student C provides a link that shows ThyssenKrupp uses Siemens SCADA control software. Note: Stuxnet was designed to destroy Siemens SCADA software enabled machinery.
Hint: big companies offer contracts for service. Contracting companies love announcing to the world what kind of contracts they win.

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