-In the Discussions over the past 5 weeks, you’ve built an argument. Step-by-step, you’ve identified evidence to support a main idea statement and you’ve shown how that evidence proves the point. Now, it’s time to fine tune. Where can your language be more precise? Where can it be clearer? Where do you need to provide or double-check a citation that you’re not quite sure about?
-Revising our work is an important step, and this is really what helps us to polish our paragraphs into a finished product. Here’s a great video with some quick tips on how to proofread your writing.
1. Post your final revised paragraph responding to the research article, ensuring that your paragraph is a complete academic argument with all MEAL plan elements.
2. Additionally, share at least one specific resource or strategy that has helped you revise and explain how it helped.
1. https://waldenwritingcenter.blogspot.com/2018/09/scholarly-persuasion-how-to-make.html
2. https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/writingcenter/writingprocess/revising#s-lg-box-9967615

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