The response paper will be, at its heart, a critical book review. You will evaluate the book’s argument, its main thesis, its sources, and its use of sources.
What is the main thesis of the book? What is its argument? Was this hard or easy to deduce? Was the author clear in their intentions for this book?
What sources and types of sources did the author use to make this argument? Did you find them convincing? Were they appropriate? Did they support or take away from the argument?
Did it seem like the author was stretching, or over-reaching with the sources? Did the author make clear connections between his sources and his thesis? Or did the author occasionally presume/assume connections that were not clear to you as a reader?
In general, were you convinced by the author’s argument after evaluating the thesis, sources, and structure of the book? You should consider whether any of the sources and/or articles that you have read during this semester refute or support the author’s argument and/or your assessment of the argument.
The response paper will be based on the book. You may incorporate the supplemental readings given for each week of the book you are writing about, but the book itself will be your main focus.
Avoid creating the paper as a list or question and answer format (repeating my questions as section headers and then giving a paragraph or two). Same as with discussions, I give you starter questions/ideas, points to ponder and make sure you think about as you construct your arguments.
Papers should be written in Times New Roman 12, double-spaced, as a rule. Always use Chicago footnotes.

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