How do you think your identity, experiences and privileges will impact your ability to increase educational access and achievement for all students, especially students from traditionally underserved groups (English Learners, Black, Latinx, Pacific Islanders, and students with disabilities, etc?)
-Low income
-Single parent household
-Underfunded schools lacks resources but with appropriate support and resources from teachers can make their dreams come true.
-implement an inclusive curriculum and environment to encourage students from different backgrounds to embrace their classroom’s diversity
Black students have the largest opportunity and achievement gap districtwide between schools and within schools. Closing and eventually eliminating these gaps is core to our mission. What role do you believe educators play in regards to this goal?
Describe how you will set end of year academic goals for students, and how you plan to achieve them. How will you know you are successful?
-Reviewing data, focusing on area of support
-Identify students level
-Create system to fulfill their academic needs
-Effort to know the community of my classroom. Diverse characteristics
3.Given the goals you have set for your students, imagine you are at the end of the first quarter and you have a student who is also an English Learner who is not meeting the goals you have set out. What steps would you take to ensure this student gets back on track?

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