Google Earth and Atlas Obscura invite you to challenge yourself to test your knowledge of the natural wonders of the world. Then, provide a screenshot of your results and give a reflection on your experience using Google Earth and what you learned about the natural world and your knowledge of it. Take the quiz here.
Purpose: Engage with Google Earth to test general knowledge of natural geographical features and reflect on the experience.
Complete the quiz.
In a paragraph or a video, respond to the following questions:
Had you ever used Google Earth before?
What did you know about natural wonders before taking the quiz?
What did you learn about natural wonders by taking this quiz?
Does this quiz make you think more about your impact on the natural world?
Will you share this quiz with others?
Is there anything else that you learned from using Google Earth or taking this quiz that you would like to share?
Criteria: This assignment is worth 100 points. See the attached grading rubric for additional details.
Screenshot of quiz result.
Format and length:
Written: 150 words (paragraph); 12 pt. Times New Roman font
Video: 1 minute, minimum

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