Good evening,
I am currently in the process of applying for school right now, however the school would like to know why there are low grades and a few “withdraws” on my college transcript. Please include in this letter of explanation that my grandfather’s death took a bit of a toll on me in school especially with how much I looked up to him as another father figure, as well as my mother being absent and my father being the only one in the house to take care of all 4 kids in the house which of course caused me to get a full time job to help suport us as well. Here are the instructions fromt eh school below:
“Letter of Explanation – Please submit a letter of explanation concerning the lower grades and Ws listed on your school transcript. Please explain why you earned these grades. Also, if admitted to SCAD and faced with the same difficulties, please explain what you would do differently.”
Please express that if I am admitted I am committed to  focusing on my studies, will work every day to become a being the creative I knew my grandfather knew I could be, and of course include that I still think about my grandfather and will not let that be an excuse as to why I won’t meet the expectations I set for myself. Please sound heartwarming, and I am dedicated to be part of a communtiy of reaching true authenticity.
Thank you!

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