you have to write a 2-3 page, 12 pt font, double-spaced analysis of the reading for the week.
The main question you are to address in these analyses is:
How have conditions (described in this chapter) changed and why?
The chances can be political, economic, social, cultural or a combination of more than one.
To determine what the major changes were, you should consider each subheading in the assigned reading (e.g. The Aftermath of War)*,
Then you can determine the MOST significant change described and provide details that including WHAT, WHO, WHEN, and WHERE, and describe WHY it was significant.
*You do not need to write separate paragraphs for each sub-heading, I just want you to use the subheadings as a way to focus your thoughts.
Reading for the Week:
Chapter 8: The Wages of Empire pp. 634-688 and 698-716

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