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It is important to emphasize social support for parents of children with chronic mental problems. Individuals are less willing to accept mental illness than any other major disorder due to stigma, lack of awareness, and other cultural and social reasons. Families of mentally ill children are subsequently severely discriminated against, especially the parents, which causes stress and other mental health problems (Lois, 2022). In light of this, their welfare must get social support. Social networks, interpersonal connections, and professional interventions are all possible avenues for obtaining social support where each has a unique potential for success.
Caring for a child with mental problems generates a lot of stress and anguish for the family and everyone around him, it is a difficult challenge to manage, especially when you do not have the support of society. Therefore, the support of the nursing staff promotes better mental health in children, has a positive impact on interaction with society, and also manages to educate parents to deal with the difficulties that this situation may cause.

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