PSY 200 General Psychology
Memory Reflection Paper
The purpose of this paper is for you to draw on concepts from the Memory module,
Chapter 5, and the Crash Course video on study skills, and reflect on the role of
memory as it relates to your own study skills.
Your Paper Should Answer the Following Questions:
 Describe your current study habits as it related to memory. Provide concrete
examples of how you currently study. Describe how these strategies are (or are
not) working for you.
 What have you learned about memory that might make you change your study
 After reading the module on memory, describe 2 new approaches and strategies
that you will start using. Why do you think these approaches will be effective?
 Would these strategies work in all your classes or just some of them? Why?
 Would these strategies work whether you are studying for an essay exam or a
multiple-choice exam? Why or why not?
 How would the different types of memory affect your ability to process
Guidelines for the Paper:
This paper is worth a total of 20 points based on the following criteria:
 Write a minimum of 2 pages and no more than 3 pages, not including your
References page.
 Add a References page for all textbook and course material citations. References
should follow APA format. The format is as follows:
Licht, D.M., Hull, M.G., & Ballyntne, C. (2019). Presenting
psychology (Second Edition). New York, NY: Worth
 When providing your concept or strategy, include a brief definition before your
discussion and application of it.
 Demonstrate comprehension of the chapter material.
 Present a paper free of excessive grammatical, spelling, and sentence level errors.
Be sure to proofread and spellcheck your paper before you submit it. Pay careful
attention to your sentence structure (paragraphs, long sentences), punctuation,
spelling, and grammar.
 This assignment should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner. Your
paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
o The introduction should introduce the topic of memory and study skills
and include a clear thesis statement.
o The body includes answers to the questions above in a narrative form. Do
not use bullets or question numbers.
o The conclusion should summarize your paper.

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