Please select one of the cultural assessment
tools/strategies found in your textbook or in the literature, and write a paper
to describe how you would assess the psychological, spiritual, physiological,
social, environmental, and epidemiological data on a particular cultural group
that is described in your book (Spector, 2017) or in the modules. The paper
should be 6 pages in length (not to include the title page or the reference
page) and written in APA format 7th edition. There should be at
least 5 references in the paper which may include but are not limited to:
Primary research articles, Internet Sources, or Expert Opinion Papers, Your
Book (only as an additional reference to the 5 required). All references must
be within the last 5 years unless considered a classic source according to the
APA manual. No paper with a similarity score of over 30% will be accepted for
this assignment.
Refrain from the use of
first-person/personal pronouns in your writing (“I”, “we”, “they”, “our”, etc)
and use third person (the author

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