For your second essay assignment, you will be composing a 4-5 page essay (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced) and bibliography page (bibliography page included in 4-5 page limit. So at minimum, your essay must be 3 full pages + bibliography page) that responds to the prompt below. Additionally, it expected that your essay will be written at a college level which includes correct spelling, grammar, and citations. Your essay is expected to exhibit a coherent organization and a full, direct response to the prompt.
This is the same assignment as the first paper, but with a new social problem of your choosing and new categories to choose from.
In the past weeks, we have explored the ways in which Family, Work, Economy, Media, Health, and Education influence individuals’ experiences of the social world and the social problems therein. For this assignment, I would like you to focus on one social problem within those categories and write a research paper that evaluates the problem. Once you select a topic, please find three peer-reviewed articles (peer-reviewed means credible, academic articles that were reviewed by experts in that field before it was published) that discuss the social problem of interest. Find a social problem you are passionate about!
Your research paper should address the following questions:
What social problem are you going to look at?
Why is this social problem worth examining? How is it important?
What do the articles you found say about the social problem of interest?
I want you to summarize the core findings of each article and connect them to your research topic.
What do they say about the problem? What are the implications of the problem? What can we learn about the problem from those articles?
How do the articles connect to one another? Do they “talk” to each other?
What can be learned about social problems from these academic works?
This assignment requires reading (at least) three, peer-reviewed academic articles and citing your textbook! Sources found on websites, blogs, newspaper articles, social media, or Wikipedia do NOT count! You can use these outside sources but you must include three peer-reviewed articles. To find these articles, please use WSU Library’s SearchIt function (Links to an external site.) and/or Google Scholar. (Links to an external site.) Do not pay for any articles! Use the free articles available to you through the library. When you search for articles, make sure that you click the “peer-reviewed” option and use key words to help your search. Try to stay within sociology, but feel free to veer outside of this field.

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