For this assignment, you will need to select a topic relevant to the Psychology of Parenting. Research and locate a longitudinal, cross-sectional, or sequential research article from a peer-reviewed psychology journal. The publication date needs to be between 2010 to the present from the PsycInfo Database (hard copies may also be accessed at the FIU Library). Articles that may be accessed through major internet searches are discouraged since they may not meet the purpose and criteria for this assignment. Only one article needs to be selected since the purpose of this assignment is to review one original study. Topics to consider include Single Parenting, Divorce & Parenting, Military Families, Culturally Responsive Parenting Practices, Bilingual Families, Same-Sex Parenting, Adoption and Families, etc.
Your summary needs to be: 700 to 900 words, 12-point font, and in APA format. If you are unfamiliar with how to complete a paper in APA format please review the APA Publication Manual for assistance on how to document a cover page, references, and a reference page. Be sure to include relevant information about the hypothesis of the study, the methodology utilized, demographics and number of participants in the study, findings, etc. For the final paragraph, include your reflections about the relevance of the study as it relates to the Psychology of Parenting.
This assignment needs to be submitted to the database. No summaries sent by e-mail will be accepted. Late submissions will result in a letter grade deduction for every week it is late. Since your work has to be submitted to it is imperative to ensure that your paper is original in its content and the author(s) are properly referenced, when and as appropriate. Summaries written for another class are not acceptable and should not be submitted for this assignment. will flag assignments that do not meet the required criteria, which may in turn adversely affect your grade. Please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance in completing this assignment.
It is recommended that you select your journal article on the American Psychological Association’s database called, PsychInfo:
Search PsychINFO (Links to an external site.)

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