Assessing leadership challenges is an important function within public administration. Leading public agencies comes with certain risks and challenges that can affect service quality and delivery. For this assignment, you are a public administrator at the Small Business Administration (SBA); you will create a newsletter article for distribution to the general public that promotes some of the courses in the Learning Center that are available to the public.
The senior executive has announced new upcoming SBA contracts and grant funding in a congressional testimony, and since then your agency has been receiving an influx of emails, letters, and phone calls about the various SBA programs and processes. These inquires have created an operating challenge for the agency because there are not enough employees to attend to these requests. Create a newsletter that informs the public of the courses available through the SBA portal that can help answer their questions. Ensure your newsletter includes the following:
Explain the purpose of the SBA Learning Center.
Provide an overview of SBA’s grants and contract vehicles.
Describe some of the courses available to the public.
Develop a plan for dealing with an increase in online course attendance, and then explain your plan to overcome technical challenges as a result of the increase.

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