1. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic
psychological needs in Self-Determination Theory?
a. autonomy
b. relatedness
c. safety
d. competence
e. thinking you are always the winner in any
5. The factors that positively a#ect the magnitude of
the impact of Positive Psychological Interventions do
NOT include:
a. Higher levels of depression initially
b. Interventions lasting more than 15 weeks
c. Self-selection for the study
d. Age of participants
e. Level of grumpiness
11. Which of these is NOT one of the key themes of
disability identity?
a. Awareness that they will be discriminated
b. Preferring not to be around others with
c. Feeling equal to non-disabled people
d. Finding personal meaning in one’s disability
e. Making fun of people who are not disabled.
12. Which of these is NOT a necessary element of
a. Telling the o#ender that you forgive them.
b. Not totalizing the o#ender by labeling them
as their o#ense (e.g. a liar or a thief)
c. Reappraising the o#ender and the o#ense
d. Desiring a positive change in the o#ender
e. Telling the o#ender that they have a serious
case of body odor
13. Which of the following has NOT been identi4ed
as helping to create competitive advantage for
organizations through social capital?
a. Norms and rules of behavior
b. Trust between individuals in the organization
c. Networks that tie organizational members to
each other and to external organizations
d. High level of pay based on performance
e. Complaining about the stupidity of co-

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