You can write on the topic: What is the most serious threat to
US national security and why?
The paper should be written as one product Thus, you may want an introduction
paragraph and a conclusion. I urge you, though, not to become distracted by format,
but rather to focus on the writing. Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure will
constitute the final score, and as such will be especially important. The objective is to
determine your understanding of national security issues, and to adjust material
as needed for the class.
 Grammar
 Complete Sentences
 Avoid pronouns: It, they
 Avoid: many, little big
 Never begin a sentence with “it” as the Reader may have difficulty
following your thought
 Avoid contractions (it’s; don’t) in serious work
 Use the correct word: example, to vs too; and there vs their
 Up-to-date

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