Write an analysis of a text (journal article, magazine article, editorial, speech, book, or website) that breaks down the text you are analyzing and shows how it works to inform, persuade, or entertain an audience. Your analysis should read the text carefully and also offer insight into how the text adds new perspective to a particular cultural or social issue that is important to you. The goal of analysis is not to evaluate or judge, but rather to uncover “how texts work” For this Analysis Essay, you will break down the source text you have chosen to write about, analyzing the context, subtext and appeals used by the author of the source text. you will focus both on textual analysis (close reading of the text itself) and contextual analysis (analyzing the text within its larger cultural context). Overall, your Analysis Essay should offer a clear, coherent, and detailed understanding of how the text works, breaking down the writer’s choices and explaining how the writer makes the issue relevant, interesting, and emotionally connected to a community of readers.

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