Write 1 detailed, well-articulated, and well-supported response, and make connections to the content and real life.
Your question and replies must achieve a curiosity score of at least 75 or higher to receive full credit.
For more information on Curiosity Scores in Packback, click here.
Points will be deducted if your posts curiosty scores are under 75.
Description: Write complete sentences that expand your idea, make connections, add personal experiences.
Presentation: add images, video, supplementary materials relevant to your post (include source)
Source: Cite a credible source and include in-text citations
Support question and response posts with a direct quote from the textbook, information on Bb in the lessons, or an outsode source. (It must be a direct quote.)
Use MLA formating to cite your sources. For more information on MLA formatting, click here.
Your question and responses must be at least 60-70% of your own words otherwise you will be flagged for plagiarism.

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