Substance Use Disorder and the Family
While much attention is focused on teenage substance abuse and underage
drinking, parental use and abuse of substances is an issue that has
far-reaching effects on the physical and psychological health of the
individual, the family, and the society.
Substance abuse in a family may include maternal use of substance during
pregnancy and its possible impact on the unborn child; absent or intoxicated
parents of young children; or anger, guilt and/or low sense of self-worth on
the part of the spouse. Any of these alone will have significant impact on the
physical and/or emotional well-being of a family.
Problems in families where an SUD is present are complex. Many families
go on for years before they recognize or admit that substance use problems
exist; oftentimes, they blame their difficulties on something else. One of the
commonly reported issues in families is the feeling that they must avoid
upsetting the substance disordered individual for fear of retaliation of some
type. This could range from violence to suicidal threats, which keeps the
family from taking action and often suffering in silence.
of Chemical Dependency
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This assignment will be submitted to TurnitinĀ®.
For this task, you will use your critical thinking
skills to prepare a script for a public service announcement that creates an
awareness of the risk for FAS for pregnant women.
Define and illustrate Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Provide current statistics on this syndrome.
Mention how much alcohol intake (if any) is considered safe
during pregnancy.
Provide a phone number, website, or agency that can provide
assistance or additional information.
PSA will be 30 seconds, so you will need to read and time the script to make
sure it will fit within this time frame.
Length: The script should be long enough to cover a 30-second
radio spot.
Resources: Support the information in your handout with at least 3
scholarly references.
PSA should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts
presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating
directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and
current APA standards.
Include reference citations along with a brief list of references at the
end of the PSA.
Note: You are not required to record the PSA; however, you are
encouraged to do so as a test for the length of the PSA. The script is all that
is required for this assignment.

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