PLEASE CREATE THE FOLLOWING – one page, about 300-400 words,
1.5 line spacing in a Word doc. Please write a strategy analysis-related
scenario (which might be used in one of our online classes) in which leadership
must act quickly to diagnose, analyze and resolve a serious strategic situation.
Careful – please don’t explain every detail or make it too complex. I will
select some of your scenarios to use in my recorded lectures to discuss the
strategy development and analysis processes and how to achieve a great outcome.
Your scenario will need to fit on one slide, so don’t make it too long. And I
only want the text in a Word document, no need to make an actual Powerpoint
slide or graphics. Nor do you need to work out the solution. We will do all
that if your scenario is chosen. If I select your scenario, I may edit it a bit
for length or complexity. Here are a few examples to give you some ideas for
possible situations for your scenario. These are just examples. You are free to
come up with your own strategic situation or modify one of these. You just got
a new CEO and she has pledged to make the company more strategic in its
thinking, analysis and actions. Create a plan to help make that happen. Your
company is about to make its first ever acquisition – by buying a smaller tech
startup which has developed an amazing app for recruiting young leaders.
Analyze the situation and the options available to become the market leader
with the app. Provide some fresh, thoughtful recommendations on how to move
forward. You were just hired as a strategic superstar by a company determined
to be the market leader in North America in the snow shovel market (it’s a
long-time leading product). But climate change is causing some competitors to
get out of the market and supply chain delays are a big problem. Identify the
major strategic issues facing the company from beginning to end and tell them
how you will analyze the issue to ensure many good outcomes. REMEMBER TO KEEP
THE FOCUS ON STRATEGY ANALYSIS, not just on the process or action steps. I’m
looking for analysis-based situations. It’s okay (and fun) to add a few details
or complications. Make it clear that leadership needs to be very involved and
the role they should play. Please avoid situations which are too complex,
require specialized information or are based on your major (i.e., how to plan
the latest generation of computer servers.) Keep it general enough for everyone
to participate and contribute
Please read all the
details above regarding to this paper as he mention he used Turnitin for our
paper please use citation and work cited as much as possible. I also attached
the class PowerPoint lecture to try to get more information from there to
complete this paper. Also please only use our textbook as a reference textbook:
Good Strategy and Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt second textbook we have the
strategist’s toolkit by Jarred D Harris and Michael J Lenox. Chapters 1 & 2
for related to this topic. Please try clear and be specific don’t give too much
detail just focus on what he needs.
I need only 300-400 maximum and 1.5 sapce.
if you have need any
additional information please let me know.

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