Keep in mind that your paper should be in APA format, with a cover page, abstract, body, and reference page, as detailed in the APA Sample Paper below. Also remember, that your paper should be organized in such a way to establish the history and background of the topic–what the problem is and why people should pay attention to it, and over the course of the report work toward possible solutions, or how the impact of the problem can be lessened. Finally be sure to include at least two visuals within your report such as graphs, charts, icons, infographs, photographs or illustrations. Remember to provide a caption for your visual, too. Though there is no listed minimum number of sources, I would suggest including at least 4 sources in your paper. Included in the handouts below is the Student Example Paper with my comments, I suggest you take a look at it to get a better idea about how I will be grading the paper.

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