Following the example of the black civil rights movement, many other groups, including women, began to work to achieve fuller rights for themselves. Just as there were divisions within the civil rights movement, women held differing views on what their goals should be and how best to achieve them. In this discussion, you’ll explore the views of the National Organization for Women (NOW), founded in 1966, and the Redstockings, founded in 1968. The former pursued a more moderate approach, seeking full attainment of natural rights for women; the latter pursued a more radical agenda, seeking to remake some structures of society.
Required Readings
Read the following sources for this discussion:
Reading: US History, Ch. 29, pp. 861-881; Ch. 30, pp. 886-893 (20 pp)
Reading: “No More Miss America”
Reading: “NOW Statement of Purpose” MAIN SOURCE
Answer the questions as a member of NOW.
From your character’s perspective, what is the current role of women in society? What should be the role of women in society? How should the U.S. as a society work to achieve these changes for women? What are the biggest obstacles women face?
Be sure to bring in quotes from the appropriate primary source(s).

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