to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
essay must be typed, double spaced, two pages in length, Times New Roman, font
set at 12, with one inch margins.
you read King’s letter in the newspaper in April of 1963. Write a letter to the editor of that paper in response to
King’s piece. The letter must be dated between May and December of 1963. Respond
to two or three points that King addresses. Some possible topics may include
the notion of him being an outsider, the importance of non violence, the long
wait for equality or the lack of support from the white moderate community to
name a few. You could also take a direct quote from the piece and explore it
more detail. Do not summarize the
letter, the editor is aware of its content. Be sure your response
demonstrates understanding of the history of race relations in this country and
reflects knowledge of the social climate in the South at the time. Please be
mindful of the time line of history i.e. the church bombing in Birmingham does
not occur until September of 1963 five months after the letter’s publication. You may assume the persona of
anyone of any race you like, a southern segregationist, a fellow clergyman, a
liberal in the north (or south,) a young person or someone quite elderly.

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