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Research and composition tasks: For more information on research problem statements, annotated bibliographies and scholarly research strategies consult the assigned study guides. Guidelines for the research problem statement: Regarding content and structure, your research problem statement should conform to the general description outlined in the guiding materials. It should be a carefully composed paragraph between 200-250 words in length describing the essence of your research. Precision, clarity, and specificity are fundamental. Skip the fluff, rhetorical scene-setting, “Captain Obvious” statements and vagaries. If the sentence does not tell the reader something critical to know in order to understand your topic of exploration, leave it out. As you edit your draft, look at each term you use, each clause in every sentence, and the validity of the assumptions you present as facts. It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of this paragraph. If you can describe a very focused topic of investigation, your instructor can provide specific feedback on how to further your research.
In a research paper, one asks a question, objectively examines evidence, and draws a conclusion based upon the evidence.
Guidelines for the annotated references:
At least eight (8) annotations are required.
These eight sources are in addition to you the two included in your initial topic description (Unit 1).
Annotations should be in the form of concise paragraphs (at least 100 words each) placed directly beneath the full APA reference for the source being annotated.
The annotation should provide a brief summary of the article and identify how this article contributes to your research.
Sources must be listed in alphabetical order. If you include direct quotations in your annotations, be sure to (a) cite the quotes correctly, (b) integrate the quotes into the annotation paragraph effectively, and (c) limit the quoted text to no more than 10% of your annotation (no more than 10 words out of 100).
ALL references should come from peer-reviewed journal articles published in the last ten years. Use the OU library e-journals to locate your journals. Peer-review is when a journal sends a proposed article to other experts in the field for their review prior to selection for publication.
Include a reference page listing all references in APA format. This will be an initial draft of your reference page
Document format: Your submitted document should begin with your research problem statement. Provide your annotated bibliography beneath. Include in-text citations in the annotations.

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