Textbook must be included as one reference – Hawkins and Clinton Chapter 5 -8 – The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach
The Learn materials discussed the value of integrating psychology and our Christian faith in counseling. When you think of the area of human services counseling, per se, what do you think are the most important points made in the lecture that would encourage you to look for ways to use both psychology and theology/Christian spirituality in your human services counseling? Even if you work in a secular setting (such as a community mental health center) how can you utilize some of the elements of a “Christian” counseling approach (as defined in the lecture) in all human services counseling settings?
Put another way, how could you argue that in answering the question “what is the solution to our problems” we should draw from both psychology and theology/spirituality, rather than just one worldview perspective? In your answer, demonstrate that you are reflecting on solid concepts from the lectures; cite the lectures correctly as directed in the Discussion Assignment Instructions document.
The student will post
one thread of at least 400 words. In addition to supporting your
initial comments from course materials (with proper, current APA citation), the
integration of a Christian worldview is always appropriate.
When citing any of the presentations provided in the Learn
sections, your references must look like the following:
Brewer, G., & Peters, C., (n.d). [Insert audio lecture title
or notes title]. Lynchburg, VA: Liberty University.
So, for example, a reference would look like this:
G., & Peters, C. (n.d.). COUN 506 Week
Three, Lecture One: Christian spirituality and the ministry of counseling.
[PowerPoint]. Lynchburg, VA: Liberty University Online.

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