PART 2 – REPORT (2000-words)
Upon completion of the presentation
slides complete a reflective report.
report should contain the following:
reflection on the learning and development process. This is to include what
you have learnt from the module and why the learning may be important.
how the learning is going to be of use to you in your future studies and
development plans. Highlighting plans for continuous improvement and the
impact this will have on your career development.
reflection upon completion of the presentation including your feelings about
presenting information to peers.
a personal development plan (PDP) (see template) which focuses on the
academic skills from within the module that you want to further develop and
improve. The PDP should highlight the following:
Which academic skills you will focus
on to further develop?
How do you plan to develop the skills?
How will this impact on future modules
and studies?
Note: A minimum of three different
skills need to be included.
note: The report and presentation must include Harvard
referencing throughout and provide a reference page which includes each source
of information used, and the correct Harvard ‘shortened’ reference within the
report and include both direct and indirect citations from a wide variety of

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