Length: 2-3 typed,
double-spaced pages
Choose two works you
have studied in the first half of the semester and discuss how each work incorporates
a particular theme. Choose one of the following themes to discuss: abuse of
power, fulfillment of duty, law establishment, dysfunctional relationships, or
Your essay should
include a complete introduction, body, and conclusion.
The essay should be
divided logically into paragraphs. (NOTE: Failure to divide your writing into separate
paragraphs WILL result in a failing grade!)
Proper formatting of
the paper:
1. Adhere to MLA
2. Include an MLA
heading, header, and space your work properly.
3. Title should
appear one line below the heading and on the center of that line.
4. Indent all
5. Use Calibri or
Times New Roman font, sized 10-12.
1. Title should be
more creative than just the names of the works you are covering.
2. Title should
include the theme you are covering.
3. Title should not
take up a whole line.
1. Be sure to work in
title of each work, author (if there is an author), and a brief summary (no
longer than two
sentences per work) of each work.
2. Elaborate on the
theme you are covering.
3. End with a thesis
statement that explains how the theme works in each work.
1. I am looking for
multiple paragraphs.
2. Each paragraph
should support the thesis statement by elaborating on how the theme is
3. You must quote
from each work.
4. You must properly
cite each quote! Failure to cite is plagiarism.
5. Never begin or end
a paragraph with a quote. Quotes should be thoroughly explained in
your own words before
moving on to a new point.
6. Each body
paragraph should include at least one quote. (But use your judgment about how
many you will need.
Sometimes, a paragraph may require more.)
7. Make sure you
transition smoothly from one point to the next.
conclusion is one full paragraph, not just a couple of sentences.
2. The conclusion
sums up the entire essay.
3. The conclusion
also shares how this theme is timeless. (In other words, how is this theme
still used in our
current culture?)
4. The conclusion
ends smoothly, not abruptly.
Grammar and
1. Use Standard English
2. Write in third
person point of view.
3. Avoid phrases like
“This essay is about” or “I will explain.”
4. Do not repeat
information, (such as “As previously stated…”)
The Books are THE BOOK OF GENESIS, The
Epic of Gilgamesh, Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Excerpts
from Homer’s Iliad, Bhagavad Gita , Analects by Confucius

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