Overview: Journal activities in this course are private between you and the instructor.
Review the following resources that illustrate the different ways in which people use a specific medium to take a position:
 Video: Advocacy for Women Living With HIV/AIDS: This YouTube video is not specific to the sociology of crime and violence, but is very much relevant to social advocacy.
 inSocialWork Podcast Series: This University of Buffalo School of Social Work podcast focuses on criminal justice-related issues.
 Position Paper on Violence Against Women: This YWCA of Great Britain position paper focuses on mental health and violence againstwomen.
Each of the resources represents an authentic example of individuals using social science to take a position through a video, a podcast, and a position paper. For this assignment, reflect on each of the ways people take a position using social sciences and submit a journal assignment that addresses the following questions:
 What are the similarities and the differences among the three mediums?
 Explain how each medium may be more effective in certain ways. In other words, what are the advantages of each medium? When might you use one in
lieu of another?
 Which one appeals to you most? Which medium do you wish to use for your final project and why?
Note: Each of the bulleted prompts above requires a 2–4 sentence response.

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