In the Module 1 Written Assignment, you identified 3 scholarly
articles based upon a topic that interests you. For this assignment,
select one of those articles and explain the theoretical perspectives
and the methods that the authors used for each study. Make sure that you
discuss the following:
What was the theoretical foundation for the study? Specifically, did
the author use a functionalist, conflict, interactive or
behavioral/developmental perspective for the research?
Did the authors use a quantitative or qualitative approach to the question?
Did the authors use a probability or non-probability sampling design?
Did the authors use a
cross-sectional or longitudinal sampling design? If it was longitudinal,
what type of study was it (cohort, panel, trend)?
Make sure that you cite your article in APA style and add the link to the article.
I have attached the file from the first assignment, which refers for this assignment

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