Imagine that you work as a manager in a large healthcare organization. Your boss has asked you to write a series of posts for the organization’s patient education blog. Your goal is to write about complex issues in simple, layman’s terms to help patients better understand them. Read How to Write a Blog Post
Download How to Write a Blog Post
for guidance about what is expected.
Your boss has requested that you write the following three posts. Each post should be approximately 400 to 600words. Feel free to edit the titles, if you wish.
Health Insurance and Managed Care: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Now?
Summarize the forces that shaped health insurance and managed care in the past and the forces that shape them today.
Health Insurers and Managed Care Organizations: Who’s Who?
Compare types of health insurers and managed care organizations. Describe each and create a chart or graphic to compare and contrast their characteristics. Make sure to define terms that might be unfamiliar to patients.
Getting Health Benefits Coverage: What Are Your Options?
Describe sources of health benefits coverage.

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