For this assignment, you will review your overall personal dietary intake and determine how you can improve your diet to ensure that you are meeting nutritional requirements.
In a five-paragraph essay, address the following questions:
Through your diet analysis, what did you learn about your dietary habits?
What are three areas of strength in your diet? What are the areas for improvement?
What are five specific nutrients that need to be changed in order to meet nutrient requirements? Do they need to be increased or decreased? Discuss changes that would need to be made for each of these five nutrients.
What influences your dietary intake on a daily basis? For example, why do you make the food choices that you do?
How will your nutritional needs change as you age? For example, what nutrients may need to be increased or decreased with age?
Essay must be a minimum of 500 words, double spaced, formatted with a 10- or 12-point font, include a title page in APA format, an introduction, conclusion, and references page. Essays must include a minimum of two academic references which should be cited according to APA format.

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