For this assignment, there are specific due dates each week until the final draft is due on August 3rd.
July 1 1st
one page synopsis, Outline of paper due, using Pubmed
July 8 2nd one page synopsis,
Draft of 1st section due, using Endnote
July 15 3rd
one page synopsis, Draft of 2nd section due
July 22 4th one page synopsis,
Draft of 3rd section due
Friday July 29 5th one page
synopsisDrafts of 4thintroduction&conclusion&abstract due
Aug 3 paper due, including results from TurnItIn
The format for the paper is the same as the “GENETICS” journal. link below:
this is a capstone paper that is a review of the literature of scientific articles the topic for this paper
is : The benefits, risks, and ethical concerns about invasive prenatal testing, specifically Chorionic
villus sampling and its genetic testing for spinal Bifida or down’s syndrome.

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