Choose one story, poem or play and explain what its main character’s actions reveal about her/his personality.
When your assignment is completed, your paper will:
clearly identify, via your introduction and thesis statement, the focus of your analysis
reveal to your reader, via your topic sentences, where your observations occur in your chosen work
provide direct quotes in each body paragraph that illustrate to your reader supporting evidence for your analysis
correctly cite your sources in your paper through the use of parenthetical citations following MLA formatting
correctly cite your source on your works cites page following MLA formatting
meet the minimum page and source requirement for the assignment
Page Length: 5-7 FULL pages (This DOES NOT include your Works Cited page.)
Sources: This is not a research paper, so the only source you will use for this analysis is the story, poem or play that appears in The Norton Introduction to Literature. In addition, your paper may not have more than two blocked quotes.*

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