Answer the following questions:
1. What was the experience of the first African – American desegregationists (the “Little Rock Nine”) in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957? What happened during the Lost Year in Little Rock? (4-6 sentences)
2. How different is Baseline Academy from other schools? What are the relations between Black and White people in Little Rock now? (4-6 sentences)
3. Were you surprised to find out that New York is home to the most segregated schools in America? How different/similar are schools with concentrated poverty in New York compared to those in Little Rock?
4. What effect did the federal court case Mendez v. Westminster have on the educational system in Los Angeles? Has the fight of the Mendez family led to the integrated school? (4-6 sentences)
5. What do public schools with concentrated poverty in Little Rock, Arkansas, New York, and Los Angeles have in common? (2-4 sentences)
There is a documentary called “TEACH US ALL” that is connected to these questions.

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