All semester, you have been working on this paper. Now it is time to put it all together. The overarching goal of this final paper is for you to consider what your civic responsibility is surrounding the CJ system, and present topics from the three main areas of the system (policing, courts, and corrections). In each of these areas, you will outline a major issue or area of concern related, including what the issue is as well as why people should care.
Task 1:
Please make sure to go back through your Parts 1, 2 & 3 and make changes based on my feedback so that you ensure you hit all the required components and continue to improve upon your writing.
Task 2:
Write an introduction to your paper.
Intro should be 1 paragraph and should focus on: what your civic responsibility is as it pertains to the criminal justice system.
Task 3:
Write a conclusion to your paper.
Conclusion should be 1 paragraph
Should focus on: Why people should care about the what is happening in the CJ system overall and their own civic responsibility to care.
Task 4:
Put it all together. Combine your intro with your Parts 1-3, conclusion as well as references. Final paper should follow this order:
Part 1: Policing
Part 2: Courts
Part 3: Corrections
References (APA references)
Task 5:
After combining these, please do a final read through to make sure you have all the required components.
Grade yourself on the rubric!
APA citations
APA references
Numerical data for each Part (Parts 1-3)
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And then input synthesis paper.
I need this paper as soon as possible.

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