This campaign will follow concepts learned through each week, as well as with outside sources the students located on their own. This campaign will be at least eight pages in length (however, likely more) and will be submitted in a business plan template (designed by the students) with all citations in APA format with an APA formatted reference page.
Critical Assignment – PR Campaign Specific Instructions:
Campaign Overview: Provide a detailed overview of your campaign. Describe the topic for your campaign and explain how your campaign is beneficial to implement (communicate) to the masses. 300 word minimum.
Situation Analysis: Provide an overview of the organization’s current public relations efforts. Analyze the situation and determine a problem. If your goal is brand awareness provides an analysis of the company that determines they need more awareness of their brand. If your plan is to rebrand the company, provide a rationale and evidence for rebranding and relaunching their brand. 400 word minimum
Competitor Analysis: Conduct an analysis of three direct competitors. Determine their public relations efforts and successes and failures from their said PR efforts. 250 words
Audience Evaluation: Select and describe an audience for the campaign. Explain why the audience was selected and how you plan to target them in the campaign (100-200 words).
Secondary Research: Find five outside sources (at least two academic sources) that support your campaign and desired outcomes. Write at least 350 words that explain how the sources are useful for your campaign. Specifically, the research is used to determine that there is a need for your campaign and provide examples of public relations efforts that support your desired plan. Present your sources in an APA formatted reference list. Include all sources in your reference section at the end of your campaign.
Goal and Objectives: Goals are specific statements that state what you want to accomplish in the campaign. They provide a broad overview of your desired outcomes in the campaign. Objectives are specific statements that state how you will reach your goals. They are specific and narrower in your overall accomplishment within a campaign. You will need to create three goals and objectives for your campaign. You should, also, explain how you plan to measure the effectiveness of your goals and objectives.
Tactics: Tactics are action items that are completed in a campaign. They are the items that a public relations practitioner implements and executes in a campaign (Ex. traditional or physical events, media coverage, tweets, creating online media – videos, blogs, Instagram posts, hashtag contests, etc.).
Students will provide at least two traditional and two digital tactics they will use in their campaign. A traditional tactic is a media event, coverage, news conference or community event (ex: community walk, silent auction, etc). Digital tactics are the use of online media or social media to communicate about your campaign.
Implementation Plan: An implementation plan is a timeline that details how you will implement your campaign tactics day-by-day and week-by-week. This campaign provides a plan for a 12-week campaign. You are required to list what you would do to implement your campaign during each week of the campaign (you do not have to list a daily plan).
Evaluation Plan: An evaluation plan provides a strategy to evaluate your campaign. Specifically, it describes how you will measure your goals and objectives and how you will determine if your campaign was effective. As a PR practitioner, you will create the evaluation method (typically focus groups, surveys, and more than the professor will describe) for your plan. Just remember, you must evaluate your goals and objectives. Provide a summary plan that explains how you would measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Specifically, share how you plan to measure effectiveness in the campaign in about 350 words. This is can be through your social media analytics in your social media accounts or attendance at your community event, etc.
Also, include your thoughts about faith integration. Provide a reflection that explains the role of a Christian worldview perspective applies to this assignment and our course. Share your thoughts about how we should integrate biblical perspectives as we strive to become Christian communicators. Specifically, how can Christian communicators use concepts from this course? Provide a biblical reference or source of inspiration to help explain your points.

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