PART 1: Gallery
Study: In preparation for your formal analysis, print this worksheet and take it
with you to complete while you study your chosen artwork. You will submit these
notes with your final submission.
Step 1: While analyzing your chosen
piece, complete a formal analysis worksheet. You will be submitting your
completed worksheet as a PDF with your final paper.
Step 2: Take the completed worksheet and
translate your notes into a paper. The paper must be formatted in current MLA style,
complete with in-text citations and a bibliography with at least 3 sources (1
of which will be the piece itself). The paper must be at least 2 pages (this is
a minimum requirement and would result in a C–level paper). The paper must be
formally written (avoiding the use of first–person perspective) and exhibit an
application and understanding of terms and principles learned during the course.
The paper must be organized to follow the process outlined in the 7 steps of
the gallery analysis, but it must not include a description of the process
(i.e. First, I looked at the piece and then I described the piece…).

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