Weekly Clinical Guided Reflection/Analysis
(Must show reflection and analysis in answers)
For a patient with colitis
1. (Safety) How did you incorporate a
standard precaution and infection control guideline? (Choose one you have not
chosen before.)
.(Concept Care Map) What is the highest priority problem for your
patient? What is the rationale for this choice?
Care Map) What is the pathophysiology for the highest priority patient
problem for each of your patients as it applies to the patient’s situation?
Care Map) Evaluate the patient goals for each of your patients (from your
concept care map).
Judgment) What did you learn about the concepts of the week from your
patient(s) and experiences at clinical?
Judgment) Think of one clinical decision you made which enhanced your
patient’s care by addressing their cultural, developmental, and social
Judgment) Share an “ah-ha” moment of insight you experienced or witnessed
today in clinical.
Judgment) Share one thing you plan to do differently next week in
Education) How did you assess the readiness of your patient and family
member to learn?
Identify any learning barriers; possible resolution to barriers.
What content did you identify that you should teach your patient
and/or family?
What teaching strategies did you use?
What teaching aides did you use?
Education) How did you verify their learning?
Did they learn the content? If not, why not?
Describe a therapeutic conversation you had with a patient or family member.
Name the therapeutic communication technique you used?
How did the person respond to your therapeutic communication
Upon reflection, what would you have said differently?
Describe one communication barrier you observed. How did
it interfere with the communication?
Which standard of practice from the California Board of Nursing Rule did you
implement? (Choose one you have not chosen before.)
How did you implement it?
13.(Leadership & Management) List interventions from
your Concept-Care Map that you could only legally delegate to unlicensed
personnel (UAP).
How did you advocate for your assigned patient(s)?
14.(Quality Improvement or Evidence-Based Practice)
Identify and explain a quality improvement project at your hospital – or –
identify an evidence-based practice used in the care of your patients.
15.(Concept Care Map) List all the interventions on your
concept care map with cited scientific rationales.

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