This is a partner assignment so I will be using this information and my partner’s information to be combined for the final paper
Research review will consist of summarizing 2-3 peer reviewed article (these can be found on the library website or Google Scholar) you may also use in combination with 2-3
other resources (local new papers, new sites, etc.). Students will review each peer article/journal and summarize the literature. Sections should be broken down: 1.research methods, 2. research findings, 3.research discussion and 4. implications. It also includes critiquing the research methods, this should be the fourth section, research findings, research discussion and implications (what does the research mean for society). Review needs to be typed, double spaced with a 12 pt. font, in APA formatting and APA references. Peer reviewed articles must be current (within the past ten years). Papers should be 3-4 pages in total.
This may be explained a little better:
If I were to choose the topic of fetal alcohol syndrome for my final I would go to the library or google scholar and find three peer reviewed articles on fetal alcohol syndrome. I would look at those three and then put them together in a paper with these sections: The sections should be: 1. summary of the literature – so what do those three articles you found say about fetal alcohol syndrome
2.research methods – if they did research what methods did they use? Survey, focus groups, through a doctors office, etc.
3. Research findings- if they did research what was the outcome of the research? Did 50% of pregnant women who drank have children with Fetal alcohol syndrome, did the majority have co-occurring disorders, etc.
4. Research discussion – talk about if this is good or bad. Was their research successful why, why not.
5. Research implications . What does the research mean for the general population?
Then for the presentation I would take each of these sections and then put them into a presentation.

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