The essay should be on the deep analysis of the single author and text which is The Advanture of the Dancing Men by Arthur Conan Doyle. This paper can be taken in any direction as long as it analyzes the text deeply.
Introduce topic
Describe current “conversation” around this topic (based on your research on the story)
Claim/Thesis with supporting reasons
Paragraph(s) per each supporting reason
Includes paraphrased and direct quotations from texts as evidence
Outside research that supports main argument
Strong topic sentences and transition
Re-state claim
Explain why this conversation matters (why did the person just read this paper?)
What further questions do you still have? What is still left to be explored in future work?
There should be quotations from the story included within the essay in each body paragraph. There should also be 3 outside sources included within the essay which can be websites or articles or other scholarly sources or academic databases. One of these sources must be from
The link to the text can be accessed here :

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