Phonemic Awareness vs. Phonological Awareness

About Dyslexia

. Use only the resources provided for you the student resources for phonemic/phonological awareness. This includes the textbook, videos, articles, etc. Do not use outside resources. Points will be deducted if you do not follow the guidelines for use of resources.
2. Format is always size 12 font, Times New Roman and Single-Space. If the paper submitted does not follow the format, points will be deducted.
Citations Throughout the Document and List of Resources
Included below are the APA guidelines; these guidelines must be followed; if not, points will be deducted accordingly,
For example: Citations must be included within the paper; when you are using an author’s information, it must be cited within the paper. There are 5 sections to the paper; in each of the 5 parts citations must be noted. (using APA format)
At the end of the paper you must include a thorough list of references, i. e., a minimum of 5 references in APA format. This must include the CORE textbook, articles, videos, etc.
For this assignment, it is helpful to complete all the required readings and viewing of all the videos in this module as these will provide the information and knowledge base, language, and vocabulary you need to use, to help you fully answer the questions. To maximize your ability to earn full points on this assignment, it is important you explain each response thoroughly by including details, explanations, and examples that support your reply. It is also necessary to include (in parenthesis embedded in your text) your references which are all provided to you inside this module. Use any of the materials and resources provided in your module as you see needed.
Please answer questions A-E listed below. Develop a 1.5 – 2 page, single-spaced essay that addresses the questions. Use the questions as guides to help your thinking and as a checkpoint to ensure you cover the items mentioned in the questions in your write up.
It is important you focus on developing your communication skills in writing. An essay approach to this assignment is best for this goal. When developing your essay, please adhere to the following:
Only use the resources available in this module and your course text to help you write your answers.
Reference items in your write-up (APA style)
For information about APA writing please review this link
(Links to an external site.)
for guidelines in expository essay writing.
(1 ) What is phonemic awareness? Define and explain (2). What is phonological awareness? Define and explain. Use your CORE book and resources in this module to write up a complete explanation. Include all the components of phonemic and phonological awareness. Make sure to list the components separately and include a definition for each, a brief explanation for each, and any additional information for each of the components.
How are oral language development and phonological awareness interrelated? (You may want to refer to what you learned in the previous module, Oral Language Development, and what you are learning in this module, Phonological Awareness, to help you compose your response to this question)
Discuss some activities in a classroom that would support/teach students phonemic/phonological awareness. Name and explain two classroom strategies that would benefit students learning phonemic/phonological awareness.
(1) What is Dyslexia? (2) What are the best strategies to use with students with Dyslexia? (3). Why? Explain. (4) Explain the relationship between phonemic awareness and dyslexia
(1). What is UDL? (2) How do these strategies help learners? (3). Give one example.

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